On-Site Chair Massage

Chair Massage Relieves Stress and Promotes Productivity
Chair massage reduces muscle tension and stiffness, mental fatigue, back and neck pain, and anxiety while improving circulation from sitting at a desk. Chair massage reduces stress and increases morale and promotes productivity. On-site chair massage is a great way to show appreciation to your staff or clients.

Chair Massage is Great for Special Events!

Do you want to show your appreciation to your employees, have a corporate event or a family or club function? It’s like taking a mini vacation in the middle of your hectic work day.

How Chair Massage Works

On-site or Corporate Massage is also referred to as Chair Massage because the client generally sits comfortably in a chair. It is administered with the client clothed, generally is short lasting about 10-20 minutes long. It aims to relax tense muscles and improve circulation. The back is the chief area treated but a therapist may also treat the neck, shoulders, scalp and arms.

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